Business Development

Start planning for the future today

Your financial success and the success of your business is our number 1 priority. Planning for the future is an essential tool for any successful business.

Business planning

As a business accountant CJ Accountants will work with you on:

  • The structure of your business.
  • Restructuing your business if your current plan is not working.
  • Cash flow forecasts for the years ahead.
  • Tax planning that will involve strategies for reducing the amount of tax you have to pay.
  • Valuations for your business.
  • Future paths for expansion and
  • Asset protection.

We will continually work with you to review your financial situation so you can be sure of where you are right now.


When you work with us we do not require you to use any particular software program.

We will work with whatever software program you are currently using.

If we believe another software program would be more beneficial/productive for your business we can provide you with this information.

Superannuation and estate planning

Your business is a tool to assist in the success of your financial future.

CJ Accountants will look at your business as well as your personal financial position so we can help you prepare a plan for your financial future.

Business owners need a plan for the operation of their business as well as a plan on leaving the business.

CJ Accountants will assist in the succession planning required.

A business accountant understands your need to protect your business and at CJ Accountants we are committed to helping you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

Call us on 07 4124 1345 and let’s work on your business plan.